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Featured Speakers
In-House Presenters
Frank Besch, ABOC, OAA, NAO, and President B & R Optical. Frank is a lifetime member of the optical community, having grown with the family business. Frank has worked nearly every facet of the manufacturing process, has led national associations as president and board member, is a nationally accredited speaker in the optical industry, and is currently at the helm of a successful and growing optical laboratory. His expertise in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and presentation skills allow him to bring success to clients and co-workers alike.

George Trobaugh, ABOC, V.P. Customer Relations & Special Projects Manager, B & R Optical. Educational Consultant, Thundercloud Optical. George is constantly evolving… from beginnings as a dispenser and lab technician for private practices in Wyoming, wholesale lab owner and operator, and Regional Sales Representative to a National optical company, George now assists in managing multiple optical locations, as well as organizing and presenting several educational opportunities throughout the year for B & R and Thundercloud Optical. George now resides in Omaha with his family, enjoys outdoor recreation, music, and time with friends.

Theresa Olsen, B & R Optical Sales Manager, applies seasoned consultative sales experience to optical practices, in both the administration and application of business management practices to drive change. Theresa comes to B & R Optical from the Signet-Armorlite organization with an educational background in Public Administration from UNOmaha. Besides the business world, Theresa enjoys dating her husband, hanging out with their five kids and three grandkids, where she draws ideas for tactical strategy.

Seminar Presenters
B & R Optical maintains relationships with additional industry leading speakers that can be scheduled as available. Please contact us with inquiries at educationandevents@broptical.com.


Lens Materials:
Glass: standard glass; available clear, tinted, or photochromic. Least desirable in terms of safety, availability, features, and weight. Scratch resistant; does not lend itself well to UV protective coatings.
Plastic: CR-39; used in majority of eyewear manufacture, available clear, coated, tinted, photochromic, and polarized. Meets most patients needs in terms of availability, features, and weight. Scratch resistant coated. Not UV protective without additional coating.
Polycarbonate: thinner, lighter, safe and impact resistant. Meets most patients needs in terms of features and protection. Scratch resistant coated and UV protective. Tints poorly.
Trivex: thinner, lighter, safe and impact resistant. Meets patients needs in features and protection. Scratch resistant and UV protective. Tints well.
High Index: thinnest, lightest, flattest in offering. Aspheric design meets demands of difficult fittings. Most meets needs of patients in terms of higher index lenses, availability, and features. Scratch resistant coated and UV protective.
Safety: complete orders meeting ANSI standards in terms of construction and impact resistance. Most meets demands in terms of visual safety.

Lens Styles/Configurations:
Single Vision: SV; single functioning power throughout lens. Scratch resistant coated.
Bifocal: typically FT- 28; traditionally segmented design of two distinct functioning power areas, usually near and distant usage.
Trifocal: typically TRI 7x28; traditionally segmented design of three distinct functioning power areas, usually near, intermediate, and distant usage.
Executive: either Exec Bi or Exec Tri; older, less effective, and unsightly solution to multi-focal needs. Limited availability.
Progressive: no line multi-focal. Most meets demands of majority of multi- focal users in terms of efficiency, appearance, and features. Scratch resistance coated.
Double Segment FT: occupational, or special use lenses, with additional area of power placed in upper margin. Available in plastic or glass only.

Tints and Coatings:
Standard Tints: standard fashion and clinical tints as represented by B & R Optical’s “Demo Tint Kit”, containing samples of tints currently available under contract. *NOTE - - all tint samples are identified by a tint color designation beginning with letters “BR” (signifying B & R Optical), followed by its designation number. Not to be confused with any other description.
Photochromics: lenses manufactured to respond to light by becoming lighter and darker as needed, providing light control and comfort, UV protection, and enhanced scratch protection. Most referred to as SunSensor®, Transitions®, and DriveWear®.
Polarized: Lenses specially designed and manufactured to combat uncomfortable to debilitating glare. “State of the art” in sun and driving wear.
UV-400: coating designed to enhance protection from damaging effects of day-to-day exposure to UV; strongly suggested for most, absolute necessity for some, especially children and those often in sun.
Anti Reflection: a special multi-layer coating enhancing acuity thru increased light transmission, while increasing wearer comfort by reducing effects of annoying and debilitating reflections and glare. Increased scratch resistance.
Scratch Coating: coatings applied by vendor in addition to manufacturers coatings, if any, designed to improve lenses ability to withstand scratching under normal use and cleaning conditions.

Definitions/Special Services:
Slab-Off: special manufacture of lens; requires slightly longer due to nature and demands of manufacture.
Prism: special manufacture of lens; prescribed prism must include specific Rx details (i.e. degree base up, dn, in, or out, etc.) Allow slightly longer due to nature and demands of manufacture.
Optical Center: Optical Center (OC) usually coincident to pupil center; or portion of lens described where light passes and does not bend.
Temple and Frame Modifications: specify temple (type/size) or frame (size/color) modifications as available. Check with customer service representative for availability.
Mail to Patient: eyewear mailed directly to patient; check with customer service representative for availability/access.
Pupillary Distance: (PD) measurement of distance between pupils. Typically offered as monocular(L/R) or binocular (L&R).
Segment Height: (seg ht); distance from top of segment to lowest portion of frame.
Add Power: additional power prescribed for users of lenses with near component.
Sphere: (sph) lens surface having same power in all meridians.
Cylinder: (cyl) a prescribed amount of power added or subtracted to lens sphere power and accompanied by axis.
Axis: direction or angle of cylinder; measured from 1-180 degrees. Any cylinder incomplete without axis.
Hyperopia: farsighted; can see distance, but needs correction to see near.
Presbyopia: the loss of accommodation (ability to focus) from distance to near, as when reading. Usually begins in middle age and is corrected by multifocal or reading lens.
O.D.: left eye; abbreviation of occulus dexter.
O.S.: right eye; abbreviation of occulus sinister.

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